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Another reason why Fine Gael need to hire online PR professionals

Spotted by @irishstu in Fine Gael’s latest upload to their YouTube channel.

Sadly iMovie 11 doesn’t come with a spellchecker

Now that’s after you’ve sat through the video that’s…

Look, mummy – no float!

Some rights reserved by terren in Virginia

Lesson number 2 came around very quickly. So quickly I barely got my bit of practice in 2 nights previously which turned out to be…

WordPress and Moleskine lover? Try to realize a custom theme for #Moleskinerie and win a Moleskine iPad Cover.

FoodCamp and Facebook

I must look hungry :) #foodcamp  on TwitpicSo I’m off work for a week and a bit and have decided to throw myself into FoodCamp, an event that’s part of the Savour Kilkenny festival.

I’m no food blogger or chef but I love food….

Check out the new landing page I did for HeyStaks to go with their funding: Also:

right, it’s almost holiday time! if you need anything Newstalk S&P related over the next three weeks please contact @ceraward or @ecash123

It’s @cloudsteph and James!